Base Boards 2BB0535T

SCALE™-2 Base Boards

Fast and cost-effective IGBT-stack design
A plug-and-play solution for 2SC0535T driver cores and high-voltage measurement

Key Benefits

Fast and efficient development of customized power-stack designs based on driver cores and CONCEPT application know-how.


To help customers reduce design time, CONCEPT has launched a new Base Board for driving 1.7kV, 2.5kV or 3.3kV IGBTs. The 2BB0535T integrates the high-performance gate drive unit into the customer´s power-stack design. It offers a quick way of evaluating the performance of various IGBT modules when used with the 2SC0535T2A0-33 SCALE-2® driver. The user can choose either a cost-effective electrical interface or a high-performance fiber-optic interface. Layout data and schematics – offered free of charge – enable the driver core to be perfectly integrated into the customer´s power stack.

The Base Board is suitable to drive almost all available single and dual IGBT modules up to 3.3kV like 190mm x 140mm, 130mm x 140mm IGBT modules and others. The plug-and-play capability makes it ready to operate immediately after mounting. The user needs invest almost no effort in designing or adjusting it to a specific application.

Small volumes for evaluation are available from stock. In low volumes the boards are delivered without driver cores or gate resistors; for order quantities of 1000 or above, gate drivers and resistors can be included.

Key Features

Easy use of 2SC0535T
Blocking voltages up to 3300V
Switching frequency up to 100kHz
Electrical (3.3V...15V logic level) and fiber-optic interfaces
Direct and half-bridge modes
Embedded paralleling capability
2-level and multilevel topologies
IGBT short-circuit protection
Dynamic Advanced Active Clamping (DA2C)
Isolated DC/DC converter
Supply under-voltage lockout
Safe isolation to EN50178 and EN50124
UL compliant
Superior EMC
Reliable, long service life

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